Gifts of Nature

Discover the protected areas, the parks and the natural reserves of a genuine, hospitable and authentic land

Between land and water

Explore Bassa Romagna by leisurely strolling or cycling along the banks of rivers and canals. Between land and water…


Street art

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This itinerary is about art and nature, more precisely about street art.Many artists have been...

Earth and water

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In Bassa Romagna, the landscape, suspended between the earth and the sky, offers visitors such a...

Museo Varoli Cotignola

From museum to museum houses

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Cradles of art, faith and ideasMuseums are a container of artworks that gives us the chance to...

Via Romagna

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A cycle route from Comacchio to San Giovanni Marignano Via Romagna is a cycle route that crosses...

Casa Rossini Lugo copertina

Music from Bassa Romagna

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Music and singing narrate about the land of Bassa Romagna. This land gave birth to the genius...


Art and landscape

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Discovering the works of land artIn a land where nature dominates with peace and slow rhythms,...

aereo Baracca

Motors in Bassa Romagna

by | Art & culture,Experience,News

Cars, motorcycles and aircrafts: Bassa Romagna tells its history with its passion for the roar of...

The wellness itinerary: ALBACO

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"AL.BA.CO. in bici - the wellness itinerary" is a cycle path between sport and nature that crosses...

Percorso Lamone 1

Lamone: a river of emotions

by | Discover,Experience

A 22 miles path along the Lamone river, a water way to be traveled slowly discovering the beauties...

Stele del superamento del Senio, Fusignano, La memoria nel paesaggio, Memoria, Percorsi

Memory in the landscape

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In the heart of Romagna there is a strip of land, crossed by several waterways and important...


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