You will never feel lonely in Bassa Romagna!

For those who decide to stay in the city and for those who visit us during the summer holidays, Bassa Romagna offers an extensive choice of events, both traditional and innovative: emotional itineraries designed to involve the 5 senses, contemporary art, theatrical and musical performances, arenas made of straw, open air cinema schedules, typical cuisine and good wine for an experience to be savoured, that creates lasting memories you will cherish. Let’s take a look at August’s key events.

Suggestions for summer evenings in the company of #BassaRomagnaMia We look forward to your visit!


Who: residents, tourists, adults and kids

When: summer 2019

Why: for an experience to be cherished because you will never feel lonely in Bassa Romagna


Bagnacavallo Festival

Bagnacavallo Festival is a music showcase that will enliven various locations of the town centre! Appointments are scheduled for 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 20, 22, 27, 29 August.

Strade Blu Festival

The appointment in Fusignano is scheduled for 3 August.  The concert of the American (with Indian origins) singer Shilpa Ray  will start at 9.30 pm in Piazza Corelli.

Pensiero, Narrazione, Voce

Until 5 September in Alfonsine. Thinking, Narration and Voices Festival will continue with music and words that revive the magic of summer evenings spent in the cool library garden. Appointments are scheduled for 5, 19, 21, 26 August and 2, 5 September.

Lugo Summer Live

The 3rd edition of Lugo Summer Live will continue with many concerts. Italian and international music (pop, rock, blues, country and soul). Appointments are scheduled for 16, 17, 23, 24 August and 6, 7 September.

Piccolo Festival della Narrazione

Is The Festival in which words, images and music are the protagonists. It will take place at the old Lavatoio, in Massa Lombarda. The appointments are scheduled for 7, 14, 21 August 2019 (in the evening).  Don’t forget the “Sagra delle Sfogline” (Hand-rolled pasta country fair) that will take place in Massa Lombarda from 22 to 28 August and will reach its height with the famous competition, which challenges both speed and skill in drawing the dough to prepare tagliatelle pasta that will be sampled with an excellent meat sauce.

Sagra del Tortellone

The renowned Sagra del Tortellone Sanpatriziese (“Tortellone” country fair)  will be back in San Patrizio di Conselice from 24 to 26 August! Don’t miss it!


Don’t miss the Traditional country feast which celebrates the ancient agricultural activities and habits! It will take place in Cotignola, from 25 August to 2 September. During the two days festival: sport events, music and children entertainments and food halls.


And if you love cinema, you will find the best films of the past season, at Arena delle Cappuccine in Bagnacavallo, Arena in Massa in Massa Lombarda and Arena del Carmine in Lugo.


#BassaRomagnaMia – Vi aspettiamo!

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