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Sagra della Porchetta e del Tortellino

This festival dedicated to “porchetta” (a traditional dish of pork meat) and the pasta “tortellini” is the most famous and important in Lavezzola and this year will take place from 1st to 3rd September 2023. This is the traditional fair of the town, whose squares and streets are enlivened by sport events and antique car exhibition, shows and concerts. The heart of the fair is the food hall, where a huge oven roasts 60 porks which become the dish named “porchetta”.

The event started in 1982 and since then Lavezzola is well known and visited by food lovers, coming from all over the region for this event.
The local specialities is the famous stuffed pasta named “tortellino”, while the pork meat “porchetta” is imported from the hills and is the other main dish of this traditional feast who’s proceeds are given to IOR, to help scientific research on cancer.

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01 - 03 Sep 2023

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