Casa Conti Guidi is located just outside Bagnacavallo historical town centre, in the near countryside which leads to the village of Boncellino; it is a restaurant and pizzeria.

This house was built in 1883 and it is the last country house of the family of the Counts Guidi to be erected in Bagnacavallo; this noble family of landowners had a very long tradition in this area, indeed they had been living here since the XVII century.

The house is split in three different levels each hosting an area with a specific purpose.
The ground floor hosts the restaurant, which is located in the former barn.
The upper floors host the “Sala dei Poeti”, a private room ideal for meetings and dinners for up to 24 guests.  The other halls are the “Sala dei legni”, suitable for banquets, receptions and dinners and the “Sala dei timpani”, which is equipped for concerts, exhibitions, video screenings and other kind of entertainment shows.
Outdoor buildings and features include: a brick canopy and portable sunshades, ideal for receptions and dinners in summer, and a small building with arcades hosting the wood fired oven which provides fantastic freshly baked homemade food.

Useful information

Address: Via Boncellino 113 – 48012 Bagnacavallo (RA)
Phone: 0545 63094

How to get
At a km far from the historical town centre of Bagnacavallo, towards Boncellino.

(Updated to 06/07/2020)

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