Teatro Rossini Lugo EsternoThe theatre was built from 1757 to 1761 by Francesco Petrocchi, with the collaboration of Antonio Galli Bibiena for finishings and interior designs; the building, which was named after Gioacchino Rossini in 1859, has been restored in 1986 and it is considered to be the prototype of the traditional Italian theatre.

The facade, marked by pilasters and plaster frames, still shows its 18th century style. The interior has four tiers of boxes and an upper gallery.

The stage and the cavea occupy equal areas in terms of size. The theatre was recently restored and some beautiful 18th century stucco decorations were uncovered; interesting frescos were also uncovered in the first three tiers of boxes. They were probably part of the work carried out by Leandro Marconi in 1819, when he modified the shape of the boxes, restructured the proscenium and added the upper gallery. The frescos feature decorations of flowers and grotesquerie painted in bright colours and created inside geometrical shapes with a gray-blue background.

Teatro Rossini yearly hosts a prestigious play season, a concert programme of high relevance, and two Spring operas which have never been performed or which are particularly unusual as a result of a careful scientific musical research.



Useful information

Address: Piazzale Cavour 17 – 48022 Lugo (RA)
Phone: 0545 299542 – 299540 info – Fondazione Teatro Rossini
Web site:

How to get
About 200 mt from piazza Baracca, in Piazzale Cavour. Car park nearby or in piazza Trisi.

Opening informations
open upon request

(Updated to 25/08/2023)

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