Hawkwood tower was built in Cotignola in 1376 by Sir John Hawkwood, famous English captain of a mercenary company, whose name in Italian had become Giovanni Acuto.

It is part of the stronghold he built after having riceived the town as a feud by Pope Gregorius XI in 1370.
In 1972 the tower was rebuilt and during excavation works, it was discovered that the lower part has a square base, according to the structure of the ancient towers of the territory. Most likely, the tower was built on the exact site of the belltower of a former existing parish church: S. Stefano in Panicale (IX – X century). The ruins emerged during the restoration work confirm this assumption.

The tower houses the civic bell, known as “E’ Campanòn”, survived to the hard German bombing of 1944. The bronze bell, made by Pier Francesco Censori in 1616 is decorated with bas relieves depicting sacred images alternated with the coat of arms of four ancient local families. An inscription on the bell says when the bell rings: “the bell sounds in case of war, fire, for sentries, for the river Senio , for bandits, for the Senate, for festivals” (“Arma – Ignem – Excubias – Senium – Sontesque – Senatum – Jubila”).

Useful information

Address: Corso Sforza – 48033 Cotignola (RA)
Phone: 0545 908871

How to get
In the town centre, in Corso Cavour. Car park in the nearby squares and along the access street.

(Updated to 21/03/2023)

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