The style and the structure of the present building San Severo church, were designed by the imolese architect Cosimo Morelli, at whom is assigned the third rebuilt of the church carried out in 1789. During 1946 it was necessary to restore and partially rebuilt the church in the original Romanesque style because of the serious damages and destructions caused by the Second World War.

In the second half of the XV century, with the remains of the former church and thanks to the help of the population, the first parish church of S. Severo in Serraglio was built eastwards of Senio river. The church was deplaced from its original site, since the presence of the river represented a relevant obstacle to church attendance.
In the first part of the XVII century, the church was completely rebuilt in the present location, which is further from the river, in order to avoid the frequent floods that wasted the territory.

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Address: Via Madrane 16 – 48033 San Severo di Cotignola (RA)

How to get
Car park in the yard or along the access road.

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