Bassa Romagna is an ancient and lively land, a hospitable territory where you can abandon yourself to beauty, rediscovering dormant emotions and living unique and genuine experiences, in close connection with nature

Pievi (parish churches) in Bassa Romagna

An itinerary immersed in the countryside to discover centuries-old frescoes, majestic bell towers and surprising remains

Bassa Romagna for families: to discover crafts, traditions and nature

History and traditions to be discovered among wickerwork, paper sculptures and exploration of nature

Motors in Bassa Romagna

Cars, motorcycles and aircrafts: Bassa Romagna tells its history with its passion for the roar of the engines through the lives of heroes and past life styles.

Fortresses and towers in Bassa Romagna

An itinerary through the history with high towers, symbol of the military and economic power, and ancient fortresses that dominate towns with their magnificence

The wellness itinerary: ALBACO

“AL.BA.CO. in bici – the wellness itinerary” is a cycle path between sport and nature that crosses the slow streets and cycle paths in the municipalities of Alfonsine, Argenta, Bagnacavallo, Conselice, Fusignano e Lugo.

Music from Bassa Romagna

A musical itinerary that allows to discover museums, rare documents, historical artifacts and theaters, where the notes of extraordinary melodies still resound

Memory in the landscape

In a strategic territory during the last part of the Second World War, memorial stones, steles, monuments and museums testify stories and ideals of freedom in a landscape that does not forget

Earth and water

Earth and water are the typical elements of Bassa Romagna, a delightful corner of Italy you can explore by leisurely strolling or cycling along the banks of rivers and canals.

Street art

The murals will surprise us with their stories, closely tied with the stories of the places and their inhabitants

Art and landscape – Discovering the works of Land Art

An itinerary that crosses the countryside, waterways and small towns, tracing a connection between the works of Land Art of the three editions of the TERRENA festival.

From museum to museum houses

Cradles of art, faith and ideas, museums give us the chance to plunge into the past

Lamone: a river of emotions

A 22 miles path along the Lamone river, a water way to be traveled slowly discovering the beauties of a unique territory: the lush plain, the reclaimed valleys, the brackish lagoons, the centuries-old San Vitale pine forest, the flooded forest of Punte Alberete, until you reach the suggestive coastal dunes of the river mouth.

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