‘Ben fa Bagnacaval che non rifiglia, e mal fa Castrocaro, e peggio Conio che di figliar tai conti più s’mpiglia’ (Purgatory XIV).Lapide Divina Commedia - Palazzo Vecchio

The facade of the Palazzo Vecchio bears a plaque with some verses (where the town of Bagnacavallo is mentioned) from Dante’s Purgatory. The plaque was put here by the ‘Università Popolare’, a cultural popular institution of Bagnacavallo, part of the ‘Mutuo Soccorso’, to celebrate the 6th hundred years anniversary of the death of the poet. Dante Alighieri died in Ravenna, due to malaria, on the night between the 13th and 14th of September 1321.

In the XIV canto of Purgatory, the poet praises, though in a sarcastic way, the disappearance of the town’s main family, that of the Malvicini counts, which had just three women descendants in 1300. Dante is being polemic against the decadent and dubious morality of noble families of the area, such as those of Castrocaro or Conio (a castle nearby Imola), and praises their extinction.

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The stone is located on the facade of the Palazzo Vecchio, in the main square of Bagnacavallo. Car park in the surrounding. Accessible to disabled.

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