FARMER’S MARKET – Mercato del contadino

FARMER’S MARKET – Mercato del contadino. Selling local products directly from the producer to the consumer. Fruits, vegetables and other products (cheeses and dairy products, cured meats, jams and jams, honey, eggs) coming exclusively from companies in the province of Ravenna, in full compliance with the “slow” philosophy of “product at Km 0”, organic and not.

When: ogni venerdì mattina
On: dalle ore 7.00 alle ore 13.00
Where: Piazza Gramsci

When: ogni sabato mattina
On: dalle ore 7.00 alle ore 14.00
Where: Piazza Primo Maggio

When: every Monday afternoon (from May to Decembre)
On: May 3.30pm to 7.00pm / June to September from 3pm to 7pm / October to December from 2.30pm to 6pm.
Where: Parco Piave (via Dini e Salvalai 34)
Info: comune Massa Lombarda

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