He was born in Bagnacavallo in 1818 and died in Rome in 1887. He was cardinal.

He was born in Bagnacavallo on July the 12th in 1818 from the father Paolo Antonio Randi and his mother the countess Arcangela Biancoli.
After the first private studies at home, he attended the school of Don Michele Pasolini, which, at the time, was famous and important amongst the most important families of the area. He was such a brilliant student that, when he was just twelve, he began attending the school of rhetoric, history and geography of Bagnacavallo junior high school, which was named Ginnasio and was considered to be one the best institutes of the whole Romagna.

In 1835, after finishing Ginnasio, he went to study at Faenza’s seminary and during the same years he also studied law in the same city.
In 1841 he became priest in the chuch of S.Girolamo in Bagnacavallo, but, within that same year, he moved to Rome.

In the capital he kept studying law and theology at University and in the following years he was appointed monsignor and then cardinal, while having a busy career.

He died on December the 20th in 1887 and, as he was willing, he was buried in the oratory which is located in his country house in Entirate, within Bagnacavallo’s territory, nearby his mother and his sister.

The cardinal Randi is still buried in the sacristy of the private church located nearby Baldi Randi house, in the village of Traversara (in via Entirate, 63).

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