On May in Barbiano, at about 5km from Cotignola, it’s held the traditional “Palio di Alberico”, a fierce challenge of games among the four suburbs of the village which is dedicated to Alberico da Barbiano, the famous mercenaires troop’s captain. The Palio is also enlivened with a parade of people all dressed up with historical costumes, with “sbandieratori” (the traditional waving of flags) and duellists, buskers and gastronomy.

Every evening the feast will include street markets, exhibitions, music and entertainment; food stands open at 19.30.


Alberico The Great – The history
This folk feast is dedicated to Alberico il Grande, the local famous merchant captain of the end of the 14th century. Alberico is important especially because of his behaviour towards his mission, in a time when Italy was devastated mainly by foreign merchant armies, while he mainly wanted in his armies young soldiers from the local area, which would fight for their own land and honour and not only for money.
Alberico is famous especially for the battle of Marino, nearby Rome, where on April the 28th in 1379 his army named “Compagnia di Cristo”, while fighting for the Pope, won against the enemy. After that historical battle, the Pope Urbano VI nominated Alberico “Cavaliere di Cristo” and the village of Barbiano greatly celebrated the event.

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Address: Piazza Alberico, 48010 Barbiano di Cotignola (RA)

(Updated to 27/05/2020)

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