Pro Loco in Bassa Romagna are non profit organization working to foster the cultural, artistic and tourist activities of the towns.

Pro Loco Alfonsine
Pro Loco is in charge for the organization of traditional feasts and exhibitions.
Address: Piazza Monti, 48011 Alfonsine (RA)
Tel: 334 9509880
Web site:

Pro Loco Bagnacavallo
The local Pro Loco association is now mainly involved in the organization of art exhibitions and in the fostering of local traditions and dialect. Pro Loco collaborates with the municipality and with other volounteering associations of the town. Pro Loco promotes several events in collaboration with local authorities and other associations of the territory. Among them, we can mention: the children open air market “Mercatino dei ragazzi” during the town’s festival of San Michele (last week of September), local dialect meetings “Trebbi di poesia dialettale”, exhibitions like “Mostra degli hobby”, cultural events like “Spirito e Materia”.

Address: Via Mazzini, 55 – Bagnacavallo – 48012 (RA)
Tel: 0545 62040
Open hours: Saturday 10.00am – 12.00am
Web site:

Pro Loco Bagnara di Romagna
Pro Loco is in charge for the organization of traditional feasts and exhibitions.

Address: Via Terraglio a Ponente, 1 – Bagnara di Romagna – 48031 (RA)
Tel: 338 62217735 – 0545 76082
Open hours: 10.00am – 12.00am and 16.00pm – 18.00pm
Web site:

Pro Loco di Conselice
Born in 1971, Pro Loco has created several events aiming to foster the town’s cultural life and its traditions, like the town fair “Sagra del ranocchio” (a celebration of frogs), the poetry competition “S.Martino d’oro”, the festival “Madôna di garzon” and many others. Pro Loco organizes also concerts, events dedicated to schools and other events in collaboration with local craftsmen and traders.

Address: Piazza Pallavicini, 7 – Conselice – 48017 (RA)
Tel: 0545 986970
Fax: 0545 986961
Web site:

Pro Loco Cotignola
The association Pro Loco organizes cultural events, exhibitions and folk feasts, like the traditional town events “Segavecchia”, “Festa d’estate” and “Festa del vino tipico romagnolo” in collaboration with the Municipality and the cultural and sport associations of the town.

Address: Via Marconi, 24 – Cotignola – 48033 (RA)
Tel: 0545 42182
Fax: 0545 42182
Web site:

Pro Loco di Fusignano
Pro Loco association started in 1969 and it works with the aim of promoting the territory in all its historical and cultural resources. Pro Loco organizes and takes care of the local cultural heritage by rescuing and restoring art works and organizing exhibitions. It is also the patron and organizer of social and cultural activities to raise funds for charity.

Address: Via S. Barbara, 2 – Fusignano – 48034 (RA)
Tel: 0546 26843
Web site:

Pro Loco Lugo
Pro Loco is a non profit organization working to foster the cultural, artistic and tourist activities of the town. The volounteers work to promote the territory resources while organizing festivals, cultural events, sport and cultural events, meetings, solidarity events.

Address: Piazza F. Trisi, 31 – Lugo – 48022 (RA)
Tel: 0545 22567 – Fax 0545 22567
Open hours:  Wednesday  10.00am -12.00am
Web site:

Pro Loco Massa Lombarda
The local Pro Loco was born with the aim of fostering the town’s cultural life and traditions. The association organizes several activities and events, amongst which the antique market “Mercatino dei Ricordi”, the traditional fair “Sagra dei Sabadoni”, the town festival “Festa di Primavera” and many other cultural events. Pro Loco also organizes several courses: foreign languages like English and German, pottery, batik, stencil and fabric decoration, decor art, bridge, gastronomy, cook, mycology, italian literature, psycology, basic computer use, graphics and gardening.

Address: Via della Pace, 8 – Massa Lombarda – 48024 (RA)
Tel: 335 7236903
Web site:

Pro Loco Sant’Agata sul Santerno
Address: Via Roma 12 – Sant’Agata sul Santerno – 48020 (RA)
Web site:

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