In the historical town centre of Bagnacavallo there’s a sun-dial which has been designed by Giovanni Paltrinieri, a gnomonics expert from Bologna, and decorated by the famous artist Remo Brindisi.

The sun-dial is made of stone of San Gottardo and is located on the external wall of a building situated under the arcades of the main street of the historical town centre. The artist Remo Brindisi has tried to represent the unfinishing passing of time and its elusiveness while depicting faces and hands which try to grasp time in the centre of the art work; the artist has also tryed to express a pagan feeling of time, nature and the sun.

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Address: Corso Mazzini 24 – 48012 Bagnacavallo (RA)
Phone: 0545 280898 Tourist Information Office

How to get
The sun-dial is located in Corso Mazzini 24, on the external wall of the jewellery Ponzi Paolo. Car park in front of it. It’s accessible to disabled.

(Updated to 24/08/2023)

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