The clock tower of Sant’Agata sul Santerno was built where the old Medieval castle gateway used to be since it was founded around the early centuries after 1000, probably upon Barbarossa’s wish, as some documents state. The same old documents report that the castle was surrounded by very strong walls and a deep moat called “la Fossa” (the moat). What is thought to be left of the old castle is probably just one of the two towers, which was thereafter transformed into the clock tower, before 1377.

“La Porta” (the gate), as the tower is usually called, has a wide arch which leads into the square in front of the church chiesa Arcipretale, and has a bell which is being called “la campana della ragione” (the bell of reason) since 1487, because its sound used to be the call for the citizens in charge of ruling the town and it is said to bring happiness to those who cross it during the strokes.

Useful information

Address: Piazza Garibaldi – 48020 Sant’Agata sul Santerno (RA)
Phone: 0545 919900

How to get
In the town centre.

(Updated to 29/01/2024)

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