The armenian stele of Bagnacavallo, in the court of Palazzo Vecchio, is a masterpiece of the Armenian sculptor Grigor Kiragossian, donated in 1998 by Vanadzor (an Armenian town) to Bagnacavallo as a present to thank for the help given by the local cultural association “Associazione Amici dell’Armenia” based in Bagnacavallo.

Armenian khatchkars are refined steles carved in the local tuff. They always represent a richly decorated cross, always west oriented. They are refined and surrounded by floral and geometrical patterns.
According to the local tradition, these steles have the power to protect fields from dry spells and hail. In Armenia, the steles are located at the entrance of churches, in the squares, by crossroads, on the hills or they are carved in the rocks.

The stele, located in the inner yard of Palazzo Vecchio, was donated in 1998 by an Armenian town to as a present to thank for the help given by the local cultural association “Associazione Amici dell’Armenia”. This association aims to rise the awarness toward the recognition of the genocide of Armenian people carried out by Turkey since 1915, which has caused the death of about one million and a half of people.

Useful information

Address: Piazza della Libertà 5 – 48012 Bagnacavallo (RA)
Phone: 0545 280898 Tourist Information Office

How to get
The stele is in the inner courtyard of Palazzo Vecchio, in piazza della Libertà. Car parks in the neighbouring streets. Accessible to disabled.

Opening informations
the stele can be visited during Town Hall offices opening hours and during exceptional openings of the building during exhibitions and events

(Updated to 17/07/2023)

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