The Farmer Union “Il Bagnacavallo” has been founded to make the most of the typical products of the Bagnacavallo area. These products are: several kinds of wines, vinegar, local brandy, “saba” and meats. They are all produced in Bagnacavallo and the sorrounding area.

In 744 the Longobad King Liutprando, after conscience restlessness, presented the Bishop of Faenza with 200 hectares of wood and marshes, the so called “Magnum Forestum”. Thay were the remains of the former fruitful lowland organized in centuries that, until few centuries before, had provided wheat and wine for the roman legions engaged in Gaul.
It took centuries to bring back agricolture in those lands, till they actually became the most fertile of the Este estates, and then of the Papal State.

Bagnacavallo was just in the centre of this territory that history has transmitted to us as a place of strong and contrasting feelings, where turbulence and hospitality, hate and friendship have never had moderate expressions. Here the culture of bread and wine, which has always been the basis of everyday life, has reached expressions of utmost quality in gastronomy.

This Farmer Union, that takes his name from Bagnacavallo, aims to make the most of the typical products of that area which used to be the heart of “Magnum forestum”, in the attempt of giving continuity to authenticity and tradition.

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