I CAPLET (A)SOT DSA’MICHIL (San Michele cappelletti)

cappelletti al raguRecipe coded and registered by Pro Loco Bagnacavallo in 2012 to describe a special type of cappelletti that started spreading in the ’70s. It is a variation of the Romagna cappelletti spread in Ravenna area, which was officially decreed on 30 September 2006 by the Ravenna agency of the Italian Academy of Cuisine. Unlike the Romagna version, which is served only in broth, the cappelletti of San Michele are served with a particular sauce that was created as a result of the cooking experience of some local azdore.

For the cappelletti:
300 g wheat flour| 300 g grated ripe Parmigiano Reggiano cheese | 6 eggs | nutmeg (as needed).
For the broth: half capon or 1/4 front capon (or chicken) | 1 piece of beef | 1 marrow-rich beef bone | 1 golden onion | 1 stick of celery | 1 carrot | some cherry tomatoes | cooking salt (as needed)
For the sauce: extra virgin olive oil (as needed) | 50 g Romagna shallot | 50 g onions | 50 g celery | 50 g carrots | 1 glass of Bursôn wine | 150 g rolled bacon | 200 g minced pork | 200 g minced beef | pulped tomatoes (as needed) | diced tomatoes (as needed) | cooking salt (as needed) | black pepper milled at the moment (as needed).

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