SabadoniThe ‘sabadoni’ are the typical cakes of Massa Lombarda and they are celebrated with a yearly fair. Their name comes from ‘saba’, which is their main ingredient; ‘saba’ is a dark liquid which is obtained by boiling must of grapes.




For the filling: 1kg of chestnuts, 300gr of chestnuts flour, 250gr of ‘mostarda’ jam, grated lemon peel, ‘saba’ (as directed), a small glass of rum.
For the pastry: 1kg of flour, 250gr of sugar, 100gr of butter, leaven for 1kg of flour, 4 eggs.

How to make them
Boil the chestnuts and then whisk them; then add them to flour, jam, lemon peel, ‘saba’ and rum, and whisk everything in a large bowl. Prepare a thin pastry and cut it into small squares; place a small amount of the ‘saba’ paste on each pastry square and then fold them. Bake in the oven.

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