Vigna Burson BagnaacvalloBursôn is an ancient species of wine, it is original and autochthonal in the territory of Bagnacavallo. The name comes from the nickname of the family Longanesi that, during the 50’s believed in the qualities of this wine and saved it from extinction. The wine-making of Burson follows particular traditions and an accurate refining in barriques.

The colour is garnet red and its strong personality keeps all the tastes and smells of the undergrowth of Ravenna pine-wood where the vines has been living for centuries. Dry, full-bodied and with a unique aroma, Burson is great with hunting food and red meats, roast meati, truffles and all kind of seasoned cheese.

The Burson is part of the basket of the Consorzio “Il Bagnacavallo” for typical products.

Our story
When back in 1913 Antonio Longanesi bought what was later the estate of the Longanesis- a ‘roccolo’ or wooded area at the far end used for hunting birds from a lodge-, there was a vine clinging from an oak tree that was used to attract birds. Since the plant seemed tough and highly resistant to fungal diseases of grapes, the family decided to try making wine at home as it was customary in the region. They were amazed to obtain a good wine that became quite popular among family and friends alike and so the vine got spread in the area.

In 1956 the family decided to plant the first vineyard using Uva Longanesi mainly in order to increase the alcohol content of the other vines in the firm: (Uva d’Ora & Canina). Thanks to the vision of cousins Antonio and Pietro who envisaged the potentials of this variety, the vine was saved and spread.Bagnacavallo-Uva-Burson

Isoenzyme analyses confirmed that this vine was no like any other known so far.In 1999 and after a long bureaucratic procedure the vine was registered as Uva Longanesi (to honour the family that saved it) under number 357 with the Vine Registry, and since the 2007 grape harvest it is proud to be classified as IGT (typical geographical indication). Since 1998 the family produces the Bursôn (as the members of the Longanesi family are nicknamed). This name has been let and granted for use free of charge to the Consorzio “Il Bagnacavallo” to safeguard its varietal uniqueness.

At present the Bursôn is produced using 100% Uva Longanesi in two versions: Blue label Bursôn and Black label Bursôn
> Blue label Bursôn. After being macerated and fermented, grapes are left in stainless steel tanks for 15 days. Afterwards the wine is left in 500-litre oak barrels for 10/12 months. Finally, wine is bottled and marketed after at least 6 months
> Black label Bursôn. Fifty percent of the grapes harvested is dried. Grapes are fermented for 12/14 days and then, the wine is left in a stainless steel tank for 15 days. Afterwards the wine is left in 500-litre oak barrels for 12 months and then, another 12 months in large barrels. Finally, wine is bottled and marketed after at least 6 months.
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