The “Istituto Storico della Resistenza” of Ravenna (the historical institute of resistance) was created in 1961 by Arrigo Boldrini and Benigno Zaccagnini; both had participated in the fight for liberation. Todat the institute is based in the town of Alfonsine.

> Library: the library has more than 12,000 items and is constantly implemented with purchases and donations. It is divided into themes, with sections about national, international and local issues; the main subjects are fascism and antifascism, World War II, liberation movements, the birth of the republic, deportation and Jewish genocide.
> Emeroteca: the newspaper and magazine collection has about 150 headings, some of which are still being published. The collection includes magazines about social and historical issues, local publications, publications of partisan and antifascist associations; the library also holds a rare collection of publications related to the extra-parliament Italian left parties (1968-1977). The precious historical collection holds more than 160 political and military publications and ephemera dating back to the early XX century.
> Media collection: this collection includes films, documentaries, newsreels, recordings about fascism, Nazism, XX century wars, resistance and various other contemporary history issues.
> Photographic archives: this collection has more than 5,000 images, mainly related to the province of Ravenna in the XX century. The archive includes various collections and donations, amongst which: the collection “Ulderico David”, about World War I and the beginning of fascism in Ravenna; the collection “Ex Comando 28ª Brigata Garibaldi Mario Gordini” with documentation about partisans and the end of the war; the collection of the “Associazione Nazionale Combattenti e Reduci federazione provinciale di Ravenna” with portraits of local soldiers that fought in World War I. The archives also includes the Imperial War Museum collection, the New Zealand collection and the Canadian collection.

> Subjects: Fascism and Antifascism, Resistance, World War II, history of republican Italy, didactic and teaching history.
> Activities: gathering and collecting of documents about the XX century, especially about liberation events in the Province of Ravenna, from its antifascist origins to the birth of the Republic; fostering of historical research, meetings, lectures, publishing, exhibitions aiming to spread the historical and scientific knowledge of the period between beginning of fascism till after World War II; a link with schools through refresher courses for teachers and lectures about contemporary history and history’s didactics.
Services: several archives are on reference: audio archive, magazines and newspapers, videos and CD-ROM; information and bibliographic advice for students, teachers and researchers; photocopies.
> The institute owns the following documents: the library has about 5.200 books, 467 magazines (of which 42 still published), the video collection is made of 146 historical videocassettes, the audio collection has 234 tapes, the archive is made of about 120.000 pieces, there’s a collection of about 1415 photographs regarding fascism, Resistance and World War II.

The “Associazione Istituto Storico della Resistenza e dell’Età Contemporanea in Ravenna e Provincia” (the association supporting the institute) was founded at the end of 1998 with the aim of safeguarding and promoting the historical heritage of Ravenna’s community with regards to events such as the fight against fascism, the liberation movement, the contribution to the foundation of the Republic, the deep social transformations that took place in this territory after the war. The institute archive is available to the public; it promotes research and education.

Useful information

Address: Piazza della Resistenza 6 – 48011 Alfonsine (RA)
Phone: 0544 84302

How to get
The Centre is located in Piazza della Resistenza, right in the town centre. Wide car park and disabled facilities.

Timetables informations
from Monday to Thursday 9.00-12.30 | 14.00-17.00; Friday 9.00-12.30
All services are active by reservation only

Closing days
Saturday, Sunday and holydays; August

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