Magazzino tabacco e riso Conselice dettaglioThe buildings of ‘Tarabina’ were originally rice warehouses and tobacco factories with dry houses. The first building dates back to the second half of the XIX century, when the rice production started. Nowadays it houses a small museum of rural life.

The tobacco factories were built after the lands were reclaimed, at the time when the federation of the cooperatives of the province of Ravenna bought a wide area in the north-west side of Conselice, which was formerly owned by Massari family from Ferrara.

The ‘Boaria Selice’ and the large tobacco dry house were built between 1924 and 1930; they are just opposite the rice dry house along via Coronella. In 1930 the two dry houses were converted into the ‘Boaria Mensa’ and ‘Boaria Cento’. At the end of the ’30s two new dry houses were built, in via Tarabina and in via Coronella. The second one now houses the restaurant and farm holiday ‘Massari‘.

Useful information

Address: Via Coronella – 48017 Tarabina di Chiesanuova di Conselice (RA)
Phone:0545 89128 info CAB Massari

How to get
The factory is located at 5 km from Conselice town centre, in via Coronella 161. Car and bus park available. Not accessible to disabled.

Opening informations
the building can be visited upon request

(Updated to 07/03/2023)

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