The People’s Sundial (Meridiana dei Popoli) is in the City Centre and is by Mario Nanni, artist and light designer. The 2014 monumental structure rises at the intersection of the long ago Cardo and the Decumano, the principal axes of the ancient Roman Legionary camp layout.

The People’s Sundial is the result of an artistic competition for a work of art to celebrate the founding values of the Italian Republic and Constitution, as well as a reminder of the struggle for Liberation and the values of Europe.

The monument is composed of a great steel door, 21 metres high, symbolically the North gate of Lugo towards Ferrara from where the D’Este family originates. Written on one of its faces are the most significant dates of Lugo’s history and on the other there is a poem which has been translated into English, the dialect of Romagna and in Braille. On the lower inside of the door is a bronze plaque which represents the Italian Constitution and higher up is an egg which is the symbol of perfection and faith in the future.

The Sundial, which uses sunlight during the day and is equipped with nocturnal lighting, is meant to be a meeting place for all peoples. Its height exceeds that of the Uguccione Tower of Lugo’s Estense Castle and puts it on a par with the top edge of the wing of the Francesco Baracca monument on the other side of the castle.

Useful information

Address: Piazza Garibaldi – 48022 Lugo (RA)
Phone: 0545 299441 Information Office

How to get
The sundial is located just next to the town fortess. Wide car park in front.

(Updated to 25/07/2023)

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