In Barbiano, four kilometres from Cotignola, the old Pieve (rural church) emerges as a balanced Romanesque construction built in the 10th century. The old structure was added at the back of the S. Stefano Protomartire Church by Cosimo Morelli.

The oldest parish church of S. Stefano in Barbiano used to be where the present is still now, probably around the X century. This oldest building has left no traces, while the present parish church is thought to have been erected before 1409; in this way it would have not been destroyed as the castle of Barbiano, distroyed on that same year.
Once, only churches named “Pieve” could have the right to baptize, so their power was spread in the sorrounding area, reaching churches, chapels and oratories of a wide territory, as they did not have the baptistry.
So it was for the church of Barbiano, which had the right to baptize all the children of such a wide sorrounding territory that arrived to Fusignano. Beside Lugo with the church of S. Giacomo and S. Ilaro, Barbiano’s church had also in his territory Zagonara and Budrio of Cotignola.
Only in 1315 Lugo’s churches gained the right to baptize, thus putting an end to their dependence from Barbiano.

The new parish church of S. Stefano Protomartire. The elliptic structure, slightly recalling a greek cross, is enhanced by the big dome covering the whole building. The external walls follow an exagonal structure.
Worth of mention is the tall belltower, rebuild after the World War II on the original design.

The parish church is part of the itinerary Pievi (parish churches) in Bassa Romagna
Useful information

Address: Via Antica Pieve 9 – 48033 Barbiano di Cotignola (RA)
Phone: Don Gabriele Bordini 339 7017349 gbordini49@gmail.com
Web site: https://www.anticapievebarbiano.it

How to get
Town centre of Barbiano di Cotignola. The old structure was added at the back of the S. Stefano Protomartire Church. Car and bus park.

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open during services

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