The villa Giardini has a regular compositional scheme, based on the three-bay model and the facade is framed by corner pilasters, characteristic of the neoclassical period. It was present in the maps from the last quarter of the eighteenth century, that is, in the same period in which the Santerno river was diverted to Passogatto. The building was at the head of a large estate, on which the Voltana nucleus would later rise after the construction of the railway station, particularly supported by Antonio Bondoli (1817-1888). On the façade of the farmer’s house, next to the main house, there is a terracotta horse head (as found in the stables of Villa Cacciaguerra Ortolani).

Further Information

Villa Giardini formerly Villa Pastorella
Address: Via Fiumazzo 632 – 48028 Voltana di Lugo
Current owner: since December 1916 the Giardini di Voltana family (inhabited by the owner)
Period of construction: eighteenth century

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