Itineraries along river banks and canals

Land and water are the typical elements of Bassa Romagna, a delightful corner of Italy you can explore by leisurely strolling or cycling along the banks of rivers and canals.
The entire landscape is dominated by the presence of water, the precious fresh water of rivers that makes the land so fertile, the luxuriant countryside with its rural buildings, manor houses, traces of the ancient life in the valley, aquatic plants and an amazing number of rare birds.

When to visit? Always!
Even changing seasons are spectacular in Bassa Romagna! Spring stages abundant flowering and the return of birds from winter migrations. Summer is coloured with warm hues. Grape harvest fills the autumn air with sweet scents, while the winter fog and white frost enhance the landscape with dreamy atmospheres.


Who: everybody, those who love outdoor life and cycle tours

When: all year round

How: by bicycle, on foot, running

Why: to discover a special corner of Italy to be savoured with the eyes and appreciated with the turn of every wheel


1. River Lamone

A fascinating path that runs along the banks of the river Lamone.
These 35 km can be covered either on foot or by bicycle, starting from Boncellino and, finally, reaching the Adriatic Sea. Cycle slowly, observing the luxuriant plain, cultivated fields, reclaimed or untouched valleys, the salty lagoon and the pinewood. Rural buildings, manor houses, traces of the ancient life in the valley, fishing huts, aquatic plants and an amazing number of rare birds mark the rhythm of this itinerary. For information, click here.

2. The Canal of Mills

The Canal of Mills, built in medieval times to provide sufficient hydraulic power to the city’s mills, starts from a close on the Senio, just above Castelbolognese, and runs along the plane for about 40 km, crossing many towns and, finally, flowing into the Canale Destra Reno. The Canal naturally links two large parks, the Vena dei Gessi Romagnoli Park and the Po Delta Park, featuring two different natural settings, one on the hills and one in the damp plain. The ideal communication route for bicycles and pedestrians. For information, click here.

3. Senio: a river of historic memories

It is one of Bassa Romagna’s waterways. The itinerary unfolds along the banks of the Senio and the paths that flank it. There is a particular time to be absorbed by this river’s history (it is a torrent in terms of dimensions, but it is called river in Romagna for the important historical events that occurred on its banks). Liberation Day, 25 April, is celebrated here every year with a long walk centred on art and memory, precisely 18 km on foot or by bicycle, with theatrical, musical and narrative performances along the way. For information, click here.

4. River Reno

A nature cycle path on the left bank of Emilia Romagna’s most important river, after the Po. It originates in Tuscany, crosses the Apennine Mountains and descends to the valley, passing Conselice and Alfonsine, before flowing into the Adriatic Sea. For information, click here.

5. The Naviglio Zanelli Canal

The scenic cycle path that runs along the Naviglio is a favourite with residents of Bagnacavallo who either walk, cycle or run along it. The cycle path is accessed from Largo De Gasperi and runs alongside the old Naviglio Zanelli canal. It is peaceful and closed to traffic (except residents). Suggestive and romantic in all seasons.

6. River Santerno

It originates in Futa Pass, about 900 m asl, and flows through Tuscany and Romagna. It crosses Bagnara di Romagna, then flows by Sant’Agata sul Santerno and enters the Reno in the Alfonsine Municipality.

7. Zaniolo Canal

It is the main waterway in Conselice. Originating in Imola, it bathes Massa Lombarda and flows into the Canale Destra Reno.
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