MILLS’ CANAL in Lugo and Fusignano

This canal is located in the municipalities of Castel Bolognese, Lugo and Fusignano; it is the natural link between two large parks with quite different characteristics: Parco della Vena del Gesso Romagnola (in the hills) and Parco del Delta del Po (in the lowlands and wetlands).

The area around this canal is being turned into a conservation area that will safeguard the landscape of the Roman road structure (“centuriazione”), which has been preserved quite well in the countryside of Lugo.
This canal is also particularly suitable for cycling itineraries and for walks; once the conservation project is completed it will include Parco del Loto, the former pit Gattelli, the wood in Fusignano and Alfonsine’s conservation area (the cycle path between Fusignano’s wood and Parco del Loto is already in use).


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(Updated to 09/03/2022)

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