Notes from the land of Bassa Romagna

Notes from the land of Bassa Romagna

Music and singing narrate about the land of Bassa Romagna. This land gave birth to the genius talent of Arcangelo Corelli, welcomed prestigious masters such as Gioachino Rossini and Pietro Mascagni and with the luthier Custode Marcucci, skilled craftsman.The itinerary...

From the banks of the Santerno

Starting from the banks of the Santerno river, you enter the countryside suspended between water, earth and sky: a path between oratories, sanctuaries, ancient villas and bridges over the rivers, from Passogatto to Voltana to San Bernardino. PRACTICAL INFO INFO...
Landscape memory

Landscape memory

In the heart of Romagna there is a strip of land, crossed by several waterways and important communication routes, that found itself to be a strategic territory during the last part of the Second World War. Inland, the small towns of Bassa Romagn, active during the...
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