In April 2021 the historic walk “Nel Senio della memoria” could not be carried out, but two initiatives were organized: along the Senio river the street artist About Ponny created new murals and in the cities touched by the river works by the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Lorenzo Tugnoli.

About Ponny

Along the Senio, from Cotignola to Alfonsine, the street artist About Ponny, between the pillars of bridges and the walls of houses, has created murals: a landscape intervention that is still visible today, with the dual purpose of giving hints of history to passers-by river and improve the aesthetics of the places. About Ponny’s faces are of free inspiration, capable of evoking sensations and emotions, expressions of the place and its history.
These works have become part of the itinerary Memory in the landscape

Lorenzo Tugnoli

The other initiative, unfortunately no longer visible, was a project by photographer Lorenzo Tugnoli: in the historic centers of the cities overlooking the Senio river (Cotignola, Lugo, Bagnacavallo, Fusignano and Alfonsine) five large photographic posters were installed, the result of collaboration between the Pulizter Prize-winning photographer Lorenzo Tugnoli and the Historical Institute of the Resistance of Ravenna. A comparison between the past of the Senio front and the wars of our present, specifically Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria.


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