Biscotti violini Corelli FusignanoThe Corelli are red and the Violini di Corelli are of course shaped like violins; the former are inspired by the coat of arms of the Corelli family and the latter are in the shape of the musician’s favourite musical instrument. Both are sold in a lovely and elegant box.

The skilled bakers of Fusignano have created two types of biscuits that celebrate the town’s famous musician and composer Arcangelo Corelli.

These delicacies can be purchased in the following bakeries: Forno Paglia (via Monti, 43 – tel. 0545 50189), Forno della Piazza (Corso Emaldi, 62 – tel. 0545 51036) and Forno Baffè (Via della Repubblica, 13 – tel. 0545 52648).


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