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Festa della Madonna del Pubblico Voto

The Festa del Pubblico Voto is a religious and traditional town feast and will take place from 27th to 30th July in Bagnara di Romagna with many cultural events and religious celebrations.

Historical roots
This religious popular feast started in 1631, on June the 9th, as the municipality of the town decided to celebrate the “Madonna dei Camangi” which had saved the town from the plague.
It’s told that the image of the Madonna (a terracotta of the XV century) had been found in the river Santerno by Mr Antonio Camangi, who put it on the private altar of his family. Since 1631 the celebration has taken place every year with a mass, and during the mass it’s still used the original document which tells about the origin of the feast.


27 - 30 Jul 2023

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