Bagnara today included in the club of the “Borghi più belli d’Italia” (Most Beautiful Villages in Italy) still preserves its original Medieval stronghold; the fascinating town centre is surrounded by late XV century walls with an entrance tower and five small ramparts.

The castle, named Rocca sforzesca, is the symbol of the small town, together with its Renaissance atmosphere and original architectural features such as arcades, courtyards and wooden ceilings. The building houses the museum Museo del Castello, with an archaeological collection including local findings dating back to the Bronze Age, the Roman period and the Middle Ages; the Medieval heritage of Bagnara can also be seen in the archaeological site of “Prati di S. Andrea”.

The XV century Archpriest Church of the Saints Giovanni and Andrea houses a “Madonna del Pubblico Voto” terracotta, a christening font, a XV century tabernacle and an XVIII century organ. The parsonage is home to two interesting collections: the Parochial Museum of Sacred Art, displaying the XVI century altarpiece “Madonna e Santi” by Innocenzo da Imola, a wooden crucifix of the Donatello school and many devotional ceramic; the Museo Pietro Mascagni, a collection of memorabilia about the Tuscan composer which was donated to the town by the Bagnara-born singer Anna Lolli.

The nearby church Chiesa della Natività (1452) is now a concert hall. The sanctuary Santuario della Madonna del Soccorso, designed by Cosimo Morelli and opened in 1770, is about 2km from the town centre, not far from Lugo; it houses a painted Madonna and child terracotta, once devoutly worshipped by pilgrims because of its alleged power of turning a pond into miraculous water. The XV century Villa Morsiani is a centre for the research, selection and breeding of St. Bernard dogs.

 Main events
At the end of June, Popoli Pop Cult Festival will also enliven this town. Every corner, historical building and outdoor venue will host dance performances, from around the world, food stands with ethnic dishes and Romagna food, art and photography exhibitions.

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For more information, consult the chapter on Bagnara di Romagna of “Terra del Benvivere – Tourist Guide of the Union of Municipalities of Lower Romagna!” (published in 2010)

Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Kapitel über Bagnara di Romagna von “Terra del Benvivere – Fremdenführer der Union der Gemeinden der unteren Romagna!” (veröffentlicht im Jahr 2010)


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How to get there

Bagnara di Romagna

By car
Bagnara di Romagna is in the province of Ravenna, it is 35km from Ravenna, 50km from Bologna and 65km from Ferrara.Tollgates: in Lugo, on the A14dir (10km), and Imola on the A14 (12km)

Bus and couch


Lugo railway station is at 10km and is on the Bologna-Ravenna railway line, change for Ferrara and Faenza

Bologna airport (60km)
Rimini airport (60km)

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