The history of Sant’Agata is closely intertwined with that of the river Santerno, an important link between Spina and the Etruria since the Roman times.

Its Medieval castle and strategical location (the river and the crossroad of streets leading to Ferrara, Ravenna and Bologna) made it a sought-after town in the fights between rivals such as noble families from Romagna, from Ferrara and the Pope. The Clock tower incorporates the only remaining piece of the original gate of the fortress, thus the nickname “La Porta” (the gate); its bell is known as the “bell of reason” since 1487 because it was used as a call for public gatherings.

The Archpriest Church is the main church; it was originally a Renaissance church and some fragments of the facade are still kept in the sacristy; it has a Latin cross structure and houses paintings by local artists, amongst which Tasselli (Lugo, XII century) and Orfeo Orfei (Massa Lombarda, XIX century). Other interesting buildings are: the Town hall, Palazzo dei Contadini (home to the cultural centre) and the Villa Patronale.



For more information, consult the chapter on Sant’Agata sul Santerno of “Terra del Benvivere – Tourist Guide of the Union of Municipalities of Lower Romagna!” (published in 2010)

Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Kapitel über Sant’Agata sul Santerno von “Terra del Benvivere – Fremdenführer der Union der Gemeinden der unteren Romagna!” (veröffentlicht im Jahr 2010)


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How to get there

Sant'Agata sul Santerno

By car
Sant’Agata sul Santerno is in the province of Ravenna, it is 33km from Ravenna, 23km from Faenza, 50km from Bologna and 56km from Ferrara
Tollgates: in Imola on the A14 (20km) and in Lugo on the A14dir (10km)
The town is on the crossing with the main road S.P.253 San Vitale (which links Bologna to Ravenna) and the S.P. 13 Bastia leading to Argenta (FE)

Bus and coach

Bologna airport (56km)
Rimini airport (80km) 

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