The church in the Ascensione area of ​​Lugo dates back to 1534.
Originally, on the land called “La Pioppa”, there was a reed and masonry building inhabited by hermits, a stopping point for pilgrims.
Next to it there was an oratory dedicated to Sant’Antonio Abate, which was destroyed by fire. With the first restorations, dating back to the second half of the 20th century, burials and fragments of ceramics dating back to the 15th century were discovered.

The architectural lines of the 16th century are visible on the façade, along the side walls and in the apse. The single-nave interior with a gable roof, supported by four wooden trusses, has a pulpit on the right with terracotta tiles from the ancient parish church of Sant’Agata sul Santerno.
The bell tower was perhaps built in 1580.

Originally entirely frescoed, today it features sixteenth-century pictorial decoration mainly in the apse space with scenes inspired by the events of the New Testament after the death of Christ.
On the back wall the Ascension is represented with angels holding a scroll, the Apostles and the Madonna; the right wall represents the Descent of the Holy Spirit in the Cenacle. The Resurrection is positioned on the left wall (interrupted by the window) while in the vault the Evangelists are depicted with their symbols and a crown of flying cherubs.
(Source: C. Boldrini, La chiesa di Ascensione, Ed. Walberti, Lugo 2010)


Useful information

Address: Via Fiumazzo 115 – 48022 Ascensione di Lugo (RA)
Ph: 393 7389132
Web site: Comune di Lugo

How to visit the church:
open for masses and moments of prayer on Thursdays from approximately 6.30pm to 7.20pm
Sunday from 8.30 to 9.30
it is preferable to arrange the tourist visit on the telephone number 393 7389132

(Updated to 26/03/2024)

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