La bottega dello Sguardo BagnacavalloLa Bottega dello Sguardo is a former artisan shop which houses a library – media library dedicated to performance subjects starting with the archive of Renata M. Molinari. The space will be the centre of other activities of the cultural association by the same name, which wants to create a network between those who love theatre and its stories, and promote in the region the ability to read and understand artistic and cultural processes through meetings, workshops, conferences, theatre readings, guided paths.

La Bottega dello Sguardo, chaired by Renata Molinari, are individuals connected to the world of culture and performance or active in the area: Giuseppe Battiston, Paola Bigatto, Laura Mariani, Federica Molinari, Carla Pollastrelli, Oliviero Ponte di Pino, Stefania Randi, Massimiliano Speziani, Piera Zaganelli.


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