The earliest public fountain in Conselice dates back to the second half of the XIX century and is known as “E’ Bafiôn”.

The old fountain is carved out of one whole block of Istrian stone and features Bacchus face; water comes out of the mouth. The fountain has been one of the community’s meeting places for several decades in the main square of Conselice and a precious source of clean drinking water for all. This was indeed quite rare in the XIX century, when wells were scarce and diseases frequently affected water.

The Bolognese craftsman Davide Venturi made the fountain; it was opened in 1870 and its water was from a new and deeper spring. The fountain operated until 1938; after the war it was removed and in 1988 it was placed in the municipal green area of the town.

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Address: Via della Costituzione 3 – 48017 Conselice (RA)
Phone: 0545 986918, info

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The fountain is located in the town centre. Car parks nearby. Disabled access available.

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Parco Comunale Bourgoin – Jallieu

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