Ninì Gordini Cervi was born Angela Rosa Gordini in Lugo in 1907 and died in Rome in 1978. She was an actress and was married to actor Gino Cervi.

Ninì Gordini Cervi met Gino Cervi in a theatre when she was very young; they married in 1928 and had a son, Tonino Cervi, who went on to become a film producer and director.
Gordini had a long career and worked with various theatre companies such as the Rome based Compagnia del Teatro Eliseo (in 1936) with Vittorio De Sica and Umberto Melnati. In 1937 she worked for the radio EIAR and was directed by Romano Calò and other directors. In 1932 she played in Mario Bonnard’s first film Cinque a zero and then went on to perform in nine more films until 1943, when she left the acting profession.

She is buried in the Cimitero Flaminio in Rome, together with her husband and son.

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