Bagnacavallo-Podere-PantaleoneFew kilometers from the town centre of Bagnacavallo, Podere Pantaleone is a real open air museum, well suited to teaching purposes, an oasis of ecological and enviromental importance covering nine hectars of farmland where the human presence is limited to the area near the entrance. Here the local fauna und flora have freely grown, creating an habitat of great enviromental interest.

Till the late fifties, Podere Pantaleone was like the other holdings surrounding it: the vine rows were substained by huge pollarded trees and inbetween long pieces of land were planted with wheat, corn, sugarbeetand and lucerne.
The owner refused to pass to new cultivation techniques, so the land never got in touch with plant protection products and chemical fertilizers.

Then it was left abandoned for some decades: plants and animals grew free from human interference.
Recentely the holding has been purchased by Bagnacavallo municipality and transformed in a sheltered area committed to the” Società per gli Studi Naturalistici della Romagna”.

From 2020 the new Visitor Center is open.

Here you can see the typical flora and fauna of “Pianura padana”: the black and the white poplar, the elm, the willow, the oak, the country maple, the mulberry tree and several bushes such as hawthorn, elder, cornel and wild rose. In winter, during migrations, the holding becomes an ideal shelter for many species of birds: among them we can mention the nightingale, the hoopoe, the megpie, the horned owl, the owl and the barn owl.

For guided visits and teaching proposals: Mr. Roberto Fabbri, tel. 347 4585280.

Useful information

Address: Vicolo Pantaleone – 48012 Bagnacavallo (RA)
Phone: 0545 280898
Email: turismo@unione.labassaromagna.it
Web site: http://www.poderepantaleone.it/index.html

How to get
The green area is in Vicolo Pantaleone, just off via Stradello (via Stradello is off the car park of the shopping centre ‘La Pieve’, there are signs to indicate it).
Limited car park. Partially accessible to disabled.

Timetables Information:
Only on Sunday and bank holidays, from 1st April to 13th October 2024
April, May, September, October: 14.30 – 18.30
15.30 – 19.30
Closed in July and August 

(Updated to 09/03/2024)

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