An itinerary suitable for lovers of nature and slow tourism, also perfect for cycling, which enters the lush countryside of the province of Ravenna.
Follow us to discover protected areas of great biodiversity in the most beautiful territories of Bassa Romagna.

Fusignano Bosco



  • Interests: Natura
  • Duration: 72 h
  • When: Spring, Summer, Autumn


FIRST STOP, Conselice
Urban Wood

Once known as the Boschetto di via Gabriella dalle Vacche (“Wood of Via Gabriella dalle Vacche”), the Conselice Bosco urbano, located between San Patrizio and Conselice, recreates the area’s original valley environment with wetlands and woodlands and is in fact an ecological rebalancing area for the repopulation of birds and bats.
It is also a resting place of the cycle path that leads from San Patrizio into the marshes of the Po Delta Park.

SECOND STOP,  Alfonsine
Natural Reserve

The Alfonsine Natural Reserve is a small regional reserve of about 12 hectares, which consists of three areas where several animals and plant species represent the landscape that once characterised the lowlands of Ravenna: Stagno della Fornace Violani, Boschetto dei Tre Canali and Fascia boscata del Canale dei Mulini.
The Information Point of the Delta Park and Alfonsine Reserve is located on the ground floor of Casa Monti, the birthplace of this poet from Alfonsine.

THIRD STOP, Fusignano

    A result of reforestation, the Fusignano Wood recreates a strip of the oak and hornbeam forest that once covered the Po Valley. This ancient forest had been preserved in the large aristocratic garden of the Calcagnini family, later destroyed during the Second World War.
    Today it is the result of the restoration of an ecological rebalancing area with the planting of trees and brushwood, a true green lung between the industrial area and the residential area.

    Loto and Golfera Parks

    Lugo city centre has two major green lungs at the extremes of the city: Loto Park and Golfera Park.
    The heart of the Loto Park is undoubtedly its sheet of water, which, together with the hygrophilous wood of white willow, the reed thicket and the wet meadow, is its main attraction. An open, bright grove with vigorous adult trees and a playground area.
    Built in the “Brignani Vivo” canal flood storage area, the Golfera Park is an important hydraulic defence work that has undergone renaturalisation over time with various shrubs and trees such as farnias, field maples, lime trees, white poplars and other native essences. The pond inside it also hosts the permanent installation by the artist Laura Rambelli entitled “La guardiana delle acque e le lucciole” (2018), created on the occasion of the Festival Terrena – tracciati di land art in Bassa Romagna.
    Both parks are Ecological Rebalancing Areas lapped by the evocative Mill Canal of Lugo and Fusignano, a hydraulic work of 15th-century origin.

    FIFTH STOP, Bagnacavallo
    Podere Pantaleone

    Not far from the centre of Bagnacavallo there is the Podere Pantaleone Ecological Rebalancing Area and Special Conservation Zone, a true open-air nature museum. In line with the philosophy of the old owner Pirazzoli, in the Podere the typical flora and fauna of lowland areas have developed freely, creating a habitat of great environmental interest.
    Also known as Pavlèna, Pirazzoli had always refused to switch to new cultivation techniques, and so no pesticides or chemical fertilisers were ever used on the farm. Pavlèna used to call it ‘E piò bel sid ad Bagnacaval’, meaning the most beautiful farm in Bagnacavallo.

    SIXTH STOP, Cotignola
    Gelsi Lake

    The Lago dei Gelsi, or Lake of the Brickworks, is an artificial basin of about 4 hectares that was formed in Cotignola following the decommissioning of a clay extraction cave for the production of bricks. By booking your visit, you can admire the lake, fed by the water table, bordered by large white willows and black poplars.

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