San Paolo San Peval

San Pêval di Segn

From 13th to 28th January
Since the ancient times, farmers developed ways to interpret nature, for the purpose of organising their work in the best possible ways. Weather forecasting has always been an important issue; a theory developed according to which the first 24 days of the year would be significant to determine and forecast the weather conditions of the rest of the year. This period of time was named al spej di mis (the months’ spies) and the 25th day was used to make a general assessment of how the weather would be during the year; that day was dedicated to San Paolo, hence the denomination of “San Pêval di Segn” (St Peter of the signs). The saint is also the local patron of the town of Massa Lombarda and he is celebrated on January the 25th.

The festival offers a rich calendar of exhibitions, entertainment, meetings and workshops in addition to the Sabadone festival.

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City center of Massa Lombarda
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13 - 28 Jan 2024


Massa Lombarda

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