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Cinemas and theaters



Teatro Moderno reopens for film screenings following its refurbishment. This theatre has a long history as a cinema in the area.



The theatre was built from 1757 to 1761 by Francesco Petrocchi, with the collaboration of Antonio Galli Bibiena for finishings and interior designs; the building, which was named after Gioacchino Rossini in 1859, has been restored in 1986 and it is considered to be the prototype of the traditional Italian theatre.



Bagnacavallo used to have a theatre also in the early XVIII century. It was a wooden structure located inside the present Palazzo Abbondanza. In 1839, the Municipality decided to built a new theatre hall overlooking the main square, right next to the townhall, on the area formerly occupied by Palazzo Brandolini. The design was commissioned to the Bolognese architect Filippo Antolini  and the theatre was inaugurated in 1845. 

Massa Lombarda

AUDITORIUM Sala del Carmine

The auditorium "Sala del Carmine" hosts several concerts and theatre events, like the showcase "Stagione al Carmine" and the music event "Rassegna Corale Città di Massa Lombarda".



On the last floor of the Municipal palace, it is the meeting place for the City Hall Council. It has 110 seats and is arranged for political and cultural events.

Bagnara Di Romagna

AUDITORIUM Maria’s Nativity Church

Maria’s nativity church has a simple facade and a single nave structure. The church was built in 1452 on the ruins of an ancient oratory. Today the church is used as “auditorium”.

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