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Bassa Romagna


In the cities of Bassa Romagna, there are the markets of reuse, the exhibitions of used goods, hobbyism, collecting, antiques, things of other times.

Bassa Romagna

FARMER’S MARKET – Mercato del contadino

FARMER’S MARKET – Mercato del contadino. Selling local products directly from the producer to the consumer. Fruits, vegetables and other products (cheeses and dairy products, cured meats, jams and jams, honey, eggs) coming exclusively from companies in the province of Ravenna, in full compliance with the “slow” philosophy of “product at Km 0”, organic and not.

Bassa Romagna


In Massa Lombarda two markets in piazza Mazzini are held weekly: the bigger is on Friday and another one is on Tuesday.

Bassa Romagna


The Biomarché (Bio market) offers its visitors local zero-kilometer products, or rather organic farms in our area, such as wines, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, bread, honey but also textiles, organic products for the home and for green building, guaranteed in their healthiness, from the controls provided for by the organic farming method.


IRON SCULPTURES by Giovanni Martini

Giovanni Martini has been a blacksmith for a long time, but he’s also gained the attention of art critics and art lovers for his original sculptures, which are created with very interesting techniques.

Massa Lombarda

TRASH ART by Renato Mancini

Renato Mancini approached the world of metalwork when he was very young, and turned it into his profession. In 1976, a sculpture made with tools made such an impact on him that he started to work on his first pieces with recovered materials. Over the years, he improved his work method motivated by his passion and by the wide range of scrap he obtained from the companies with which he collaborates.

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