The town Museum is named after Carlo Venturini and is located inside the same building “Centro culturale (Cultural centre)” which hosts the public library. This museum presents exhibits of different kinds, which span from collections of archelogical finds to natural history materials and even unusual objects.

The museum permanently houses the precious collection that Mr Venturini donated to the municipality of Massa Lombarda more than a century ago. Carlo Venturini is particularly important for Massa Lombarda’s cultural history; first of all because the local municipal library has been named after him and has started out from part of his own collection of books, and then because his museum shows many aspects of the cultural life of the XIX century, especially the antiquarian taste of collectors.

Carlo Venturini was a doctor and a honorary diplomat with a very busy and interesting life; he was a member of several academies and of many scientific and cultural associations, which led him to be in contact with scholars and diplomats of his times. He gained honours in different countries and distinguished himself as a philantropist and collector; his collection, which includes archeological and naturalistic exhibits, together with books and other objects, shows how he was culturally aware of his times.

Centro Carlo VenturiniThe Centre includes:
> the library “Carlo Venturini”, owns a collection of about 50,000 items; there is a reading room and computers with internet access and the library “Il Signor Oreste”, with a collection dedicated to children and youngsters;
> Study hall “Manuela Geminiani”
> Multimedia Laboratory “G. Sangiorgi”
> Historical collection
> the Museum has an art section and a collection dedicated to nature;
> the art collection “Pinacoteca comunale” displays paintings which are propriety of the council.

Useful information

Address: Viale Zaganelli 2 – 48024 Massa Lombarda (RA)
Phone: 0545 985812 Public Library 0545 985832 Culture office
Email: biblioteca@comune.massalombarda.ra.it – cultura@comune.massalombarda.ra.it
Web site:
Comune di Massa Lombarda
Pagina FB:
Centro Culturale Venturini

How to get
The centre is located in the historical town centre. The building is accessible to disabled.

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