DART “Domus delle Arti, delle Relazioni e del Turismo” VILLA VERLICCHI

DART is the new cultural space of of Conselice, built inside Villa Verlicchi in Lavezzola: a place entirely dedicated to art and culture, with a particular attention to contemporary art, capable of hosting events, exhibitions and initiatives 360-degree cultural events, from facilitating the encounter between artists and citizens, to the development of new design ideas.

Villa Verlicchi, built between 1876 and 1882 , became the property of the Verlicchi family in 1934, until it was acquired in 1975 by the Municipality of Conselice, which from 1976 to 2008 used it as a nursery and now as a DART – Domus of Arts, Relations and Tourism .

Inside DART are located; The headquarters of CRAC – Romagna Research Center in Contemporary Art, an exhibition floor dedicated to contemporary art and present curated by CRAC, the CABA museum of art book, a media library, the laboratory technicians spaces, an exhibition floor, dedicated to contemporary art curated by CRAC , an aggregation center for leisure time and sports associations , an info point for tourism, while outside, a renovated Italian garden, will be usable for external initiatives.

Useful information

Address: Via Bastia 96 – 48017 Lavezzola di Conselice (RA)
E-mail: dart@comune.conselice.ra.it
Tel: 0545 986930-21-57
Web site: Comune di Conselice

(Updated 26/01/2024)

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