Bagnacavallo_Museo-delle-CappuccineThe former convent of the Cappuccine nuns of Bagnacavallo hosts the Museo Civico Le Cappuccine with the ancient and modern painting collection and the prints collection with old and contemporary engravings and the Public Library “G. Taroni” which preserves an old archive and a collection of contemporary books and magazines with the historical archives of local documents.

The works of art and the several collections housed in the museum come mainly from the donations of the charity association “Opere Pie Raggruppate”, but also private donations and churches of the territory have contributed to enrich its heritage.

The Museum includes:

– the Art Gallery includes several collections: the oldest part boasts art works spanning from the XV till the XVIII century, which are mainly displayed in the outstanding room known as “Sala delle Capriate”, due to its antique wooden truss ceiling; the contemporary display of the museum includes painting made by around fifty different established Italian artists, together with the archive and collection of the artist Enzo Morelli and a number of sculptures casted by reknown national artists. Worth of mention, among the antique collection of the museum, are the altar-piece by the local painter Bartolomeo Ramenghi and his beautiful canvas “Sposalizio mistico di Santa Caterina”; here it’s also kept the “Sacra Conversazione coi santi Domenico e Caterina da Siena” painted by Giovan Battista Ramenghi, son of the above mentioned “Bagnacavallo Senior”.

– the old and modern prints collection houses over 1000 ancient engravings and it’s formed by the historical collection, which is part of the Bagnacavallo municipal library (Biblioteca Comunale), and by the precious and wide collection of works donated to the cultural centre in 1986 by Mr Emilio Ferroni, a collector from Parma, but with Bagnacavallese origins. The historical collection “Fondo delle Stampe Antiche” has an impressive number (more than 1,000) of old and ancient prints, amongst which are also works by such great artists as Dürer, Stefano della Bella, William Hogarth, Jean George Willie, Charles Clement Bervic and many more; there’s also a contemporary collection, named “Gabinetto delle Stampe Moderne”, which includes about 12,000 prints and engravings, mainly donated by contemporary artists. Part of the collection “Gabinetto delle Stampe” is a workshop (Laboratorio Calcografico) which has been named after Armando Donna, the Piedmontese artist that have donated to this museum his press and other engraving tools.

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Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 1/a – 48012 Bagnacavallo (RA)
Phone: 0545 280911 – 280913
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Tuesday, Wednesday, 3pm-6pm;
Thursday, 10am-12am | 3pm-6pm;
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 10am-12am | 3pm-7pm.
Openings upon request for groups and schools on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, 10am-12am.

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