Bagnacavallo_Museo-delle-CappuccineThe Museo Civico Le Cappuccine  of Bagnacavallo is located in the former convent of the Cappuccine nuns and houses inside: the Library “G. Taroni” with the Historical Archive, the Ancient and Modern Picture Gallery and the Cabinet of ancient and modern prints.
The works of art and, in general, the pieces that make up the various collections have different origins. The largest part of the collection come from the heritage of the Opere Pie Raggruppate, from churches closed for worship or destroyed and from private donations.

The Museum includes:

– The Ancient and Modern Art Gallery presents a collection of ancient works divided into several sections: the ancient art section, with works dating from the 15th to the 18th century and concentrated in the prestigious space of the Sala delle Capriate. The modern art section, on the other hand, includes paintings by around fifty Italian artists, as well as the Enzo Morelli archive and, finally, a section dedicated to sculptural works, also by Italian artists. Among the paintings in the ancient section, the most significant are the altarpiece by Bartolomeo Ramenghi and the ‘Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine’ by the same painter; while by his son, Giovan Battista Ramenghi, is the ‘Sacred Conversation with Saints Dominic and Catherine of Siena’.

The Cabinet of Ancient and Modern Prints combines the richness of the Historical Fund attached to the Municipal Library with another precious and substantial donation left to the Cultural Centre in 1986 by Emilio Ferroni, a Parma collector of Bagnacavallo origins. The Antique Prints Collection includes more than 1,000 sheets, including works by famous engravers such as Dürer, Stefano della Bella, William Hogarth, Jean George Willie, Charles Clement Bervic and others. Furthermore the Modern Prints Collection includes 12,000 sheets acquired through donations by individual authors, which can be consulted online thanks to the Digital Repertoire of Contemporary Italian Engraving project, a tool that aims to offer the public the most complete and representative cross-section of contemporary engraving in Italy. Linked to the Prints Cabinet there is also a small Chalcographic Workshop, dedicated to Armando Donna, a Piedmontese master who donated his press, tools and other memorabilia to the Cultural Centre.

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