The museum was opened in 2008 and occupies the rooms, the basement, the donjon and the courtyard of the 14th century fortress Rocca Sforzesca, which has been completely restored to become a museum and a cultural space. The permanent archaeological display features items from the Bronze Age, the Roman times and the Middle Ages. The original medieval town’s settlement can be seen in the archaeological site of  ‘Prati di S. Andrea’.

The entrance of the museum is the large portal of the fortress, which was probably modified and widened in the 17th century when the drawbridge was removed; this portal leads to the beautiful inner courtyard, from which visitors can access the two main collections of the museums and other facilities, such as the education room.

The first floor features a display related to the history of Bagnara and its surrounding; this includes information panels, photos and archaeological finds which illustrate the life style, the economy and the urban structure of this wide area. The museum is a journey through civilisation in the area, from the earliest Neolithic settlements to the Roman times, and then up to the High Middle Ages when the old town of Bagnara started in what is called Prati di S. Andrea, a fortified settlement protected by moats.
The second display is in the donjon and documents the history of the castle of Bagnara and the important series of fortifications that occurred in Bassa Romagna.

The donjon’s first floor houses an education room with various facilities; the second floor has a balcony for sightseeing. The room next to this houses the documentary archives of the town, which includes reproductions of archival materials, historical maps, photos and prints that document the historical and urban development of the town and of the territory.





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Address: Piazza IV Novembre 3 – 48031 Bagnara di Romagna (RA)
Phone: 0545 905540

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In the stronghold, in town centre. Car parks in the surroundings.

Reservation by phoning: 0545 905540

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Closed from 7th to 20th August 2023

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