The  Convent of San Francesco dates back to the XIII century and it’s the oldest monastery of Bagnacavallo. It’s a very large building which the church and the monastery itself; the latter includes the remarkable refectory, now named “Sala Oriani”, the cloister, the monumental staicase and the rooms at the first floor used as exhibition venue and the underground rooms.

Dating back to the mid XIII century, Bagnacavallo monastery was one of the first to be founded after Saint Francis’ death. If we consider that the first convents were built in very central positions, we can deduce that Bagnacavallo at that time was an important halting place for pilgrims.

Along the centuries, the building underwent to several alterations, particularly relevant are the ones carried out in 1460 and in 1667 (by Andrea Galegati). The present structure dates back to the end of 1700 and it is the result of the intervention of Gioacchino Tomba from Faenza.

After the suppression of religious orders in Napoleonic period, the building became public property.
During the Second World War its huge basements were used as a shelter for the population.

In the 20th century only a small part of the building was inhabited by monks of the order of the Conventual Franciscans, who then moved to different locations. This area is now no longer accessible to the public. Most of what is in the public domain has been renovated and is now used for exhibitions or public events. In 2000 part of it was turned into a hostel and run as such for ten years. In 2017 the place was reopened as a hotel.

Useful information

Address: Piazza Carducci –  Via Cadorna 48012 Bagnacavallo (RA)
Phone: 0545 280898 info Tourist Information Office

How to get
The convent is located in piazza Carducci, in the historical town centre. Car park available. Disabled access available.

Opening informations
Sala Oriani, cloister, staircase, rooms at the first floor and Sala delle Capriate are open during special events or upon request


(Updated to 02/08/2023)

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