IL GIARDINO DEGLI AFORISMI “Giardino dei Semplici”

Giardino semplici Bagnacavallo‘Giardino dei Semplici’ is the last botanical garden still existing in the historical town centre of Bagnacavallo, it is also known as ‘Giardino degli Aforismi’ because of its iron benches bearing aphorisms by Leo Longanesi.

As traditional bothanical gardens that in the past used to adorn palaces and convents of the town centre, also this one is divided into four areas:
umbraculum, the part dedicated to meditation and adorned with vines and other small trees;
– the pomarium with fruit trees;
– the horteus holeorum where there are plants to be used in cuisine;
hortus sanitatis with officinal plants.

Next to the garden there is Palazzo Graziani, a private noble palace, built in the XVIII century and then modified and widened in the beginning of the XXth century by the family of which it now carries the name. Ground floor rooms, which lead to a wide hall, have ceilings decorated with frescos and stuccos and the vaults are particularly interesting. The main floor hosts a great hall which used to be the room for parties; it has a decorated wooden ceiling which is unfortunately partially destroyed.


Useful information

Address: Via Diaz 35 – 48012 Bagnacavallo (RA)
Phone: 0545 280898 Tourist Information Office

How to get
The garden is located in the town centre at few steps from the main square (Piazza della Libertà). Standing in front of the theatre, in Piazza della LIbertà, take the street on the right. Go straight till the crossroad with Via Diaz. Turn right; the garden is on the left.

Timetables informations
9.30am – 5pm (winter) | 8am – 9pm (summer)

admission free

(Updated to 11/08/2023)

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