ANNA LOLLI (1888-1972)

Born in Bagnara di Romagna in 1888; died in 1972. Choir singer and Pietro Mascagni’s lover.

Anna LAnna Lolliolli entertained a thirty-five years long relationship with Pietro Mascagni despite him being married.

Mascagni’s wife was aware of the relationship but Anna always kept a very low profile and lived a secretive life in Rome, near the musician.
She was a strong emotional support for Mascagni and the two lived together only for a brief period, in 1912, while in France with Gabriele D’Annunzio and Mascagni’s daughter Emy, for the preparation of Parisina.
Mascagni dedicated Isabeau and Parisina to Anna.

The parsonage of Bagnara di Romagna houses a small museum with the collection of the nearly 5,000 letters that Anna Lolli and Pietro Mascagni sent to each other.


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