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Bagnara Di Romagna


He was born in Livorno in 1863 and died in Rome in 1945. He was a great composer of opera musics. His greatest love was Anna Lolli, a choir singer from Bagnara di Romagna.

Massa Lombarda

FRANCESCO D’ESTE (1516-1578)

Francesco D’Este (1516 – 1578) marchese della Massa, was the founder of the first public school in the territory of Massa, to him is now called the local school.


LEO LONGANESI (1905-1957)

He was born in Bagnacavallo in 1905 and died in Milan in 1957. He was journalist, designer and editor.


LUIGI VAROLI (1889-1958)

Varoli was born in Cotignola on the 23rd of September 1889 and died on the 25th of September in 1958. He was a painter and a musician.


EBE STIGNANI (1903-1974)

Ebe Stignani was born in Naples in 1903 from a family from Romagna. She was an opera singer.

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